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1. Submitted Data

1.1 Personal Information

All personal information (contact name, e-mail address, phone number, location, etc.) submitted on this site by the user, will be used solely for contact purposes. None of the mentioned informations will be forwarded to, or shared with any third party.


1.2 Public Information

All data submitted with the purpose of being published on the site is considered public information. This includes testimonials, frequently asked questions and other data explicitly marked as public info. These will be available to any user of the site.


2. Statistical Data

2.1 Statistical Data Collection

This site collects anonymous statistical data to improve its usability and services. The information collected is purely technical, focusing solely on the use of this site and does not associate any identification to the user.


3. Cookies

3.1 Fresh and Crunchy

This site uses cookies, and by using the site, the user agrees with it. However, cookies aren't bad, as they help to improve usability, remember your language selection, etc., while still keeping your anonimity.


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